Simply put, we improve physician effectiveness by ensuring IT is deployed for physician workflows. Our team uses lean methods such as the reason for action, current state, and target state that are easily deployed in health care.

CEO and Principal Consultant: Todd Rowland MD 

Dr. Rowland leverages his unique experience working in multiple health systems in a variety of roles. He has more than 25 years of healthcare experience which includes roles as practicing physician, CEO of health information exchange, CMIO (Chief Medical Information Officer), and most recently enterprise Senior Vice President and CIO. He has worked with multi-disciplinary teams to deliver solutions using several IT platforms which include Allscripts, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, McKesson, Meditech, Mirth, Optum, and other technologies.

Recommendations for Dr. Rowland


Holt Anderson, FHIMSS

Chair, Learning Health System Governance & Policy Framework Initiative at Learning Health Strategies

Todd Rowland brings extensive experience in establishing HIE capabilities and linking his clinical background to formulate practical uses for technology solutions to improve health and healthcare. I expect he will continue to contribute to the development of thoughtful advances in this important area.

Matthew S. Reeves, DO, MBA, Chief Medical Officer

Physician Leader | Entrepreneurial Ventures, Strategic Operations | Lean Six Sigma

I’ve had the privilege of working with and/or observing Todd’s work over the past 16 years. He is a proven executive in the Health Informatics arena. Todd is extremely intelligent and innovative, a true visionary. He possesses the rare ability to be an effective communicator across many divides. His insightful leadership effectively bridges the gap between technology and medicine.


Philip Dulberger, MD

Chief Physician Executive & EVP at Tidelands Health

Todd is an expert in the ever-evolving area of healthcare IT. As the Executive Director of the Southern Indiana RHIE, Todd has led the area with cutting edge innovation to maximize the value of IT-based initiatives. Todd has been successful to secure grants and engage physicians around IT connectivity.

I worked with Todd as we developed a plan to capture quality data from various providers within our clinical integration program.

Todd proved to be an excellent and dependable colleague / team member during this process, and I look forward to working with him on future initiatives.


Bill Lynch

Helping healthcare organizations streamline collaborative workflows & improve outcomes with intelligent interoperability

I highly recommend Todd and his firm. I’ve had the good fortune to know and work with Todd for nearly a decade. He is one of the brightest minds in healthcare, showing how technology should be used to drive quality of care up and cost of care down, and improving the experience for both the patient and the clinician. Todd’s unique blend of clinical mindset coupled with his deep technical expertise enables him to offer insight into practical, value-driving strategies and tactics. He has accomplished a tremendous amount in the value based care, HIE, and collaborative care spaces. He is skilled communicator, consensus-builder and change agent.


LaDonna Speiser

Project Manager at Healthwise

I worked with Todd while I was the Executive Director of the Idaho Health Data Exchange. Todd was generous in sharing his knowledge and expertise of both health care and health information technology with me as I was learning my role. He is a great collaborator who has a keen understanding of the dynamics of encouraging adoption of technology. He is an MD who understands and appreciates the promise that technology holds for the transformation of our healthcare system, while at the same time seeing the challenges it creates. He leads by example and inspires his team to strive for excellence. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Todd again.


Amy Stevens

Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Tidelands Health

In my career, I’ve found that marketing VPs and CIOs are something akin to oil and water. Very often, we just don’t mix. That’s not the case with Dr. Todd Rowland. From our first meeting shortly after Todd joined the senior team at Tidelands Health, I realized I had found a partner and friend. Todd is a thoughtful, inquisitive, kind and visionary leader. He encourages and challenges without ever seeming demanding or condescending. I learned a great deal working with Todd, and I am proud of what we accomplished together. He has keen insight into the importance of consumerism and is a champion for removing barriers that impede superior customer service. In short, Todd is a big-idea thinker who is also grounded in reality. It’s a refreshing and all-too-rare combination.


Trudi Matthews

Managing Director, Kentucky Regional Extension Center at the University of Kentucky

Todd is one of the smartest physician IT leaders I know. He has a great depth of understanding about the technical, business, organizational and workflow issues that have to be brought together to make health information technology and information exchange work. I would recommend him highly as a speaker, consultant and expert for a wide range of HIT and HIE related projects.

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