Digital Therapeutics: Investors & Inventors Guides

There has been an explosion of health apps designed to help us improve our health and manage diseases. It is an exciting time in the world of healthcare innovation with the convergence of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and digital health. This very recent convergence is referred to as Digital Therapeutics in which the App is part […]


Dell Med & Autonomic Health

During the past 2 months, it has been a privilege for me to spend time with Physiatry colleagues who are innovating every day in their practices, from the cutting-edge use of diagnostic ultrasound to the integration of autonomic wellness. I am so glad that I took time off my work treadmill to listen and learn. […]

3 Ways for ACOs to leverage People and Process

CMS is excited about the success of their next generation Accountable Care Organizations, reporting savings of $18/member/month which resulted in an annual savings of $62 million dollars. Next generation ACOs are taking 80% to 100% downside risk, so these organizations are extremely motivated to generate savings. Seema Verma is encouraging shared savings ACOs to move […]