Dell Med & Autonomic Health

During the past 2 months, it has been a privilege for me to spend time with Physiatry colleagues who are innovating every day in their practices, from the cutting-edge use of diagnostic ultrasound to the integration of autonomic wellness. I am so glad that I took time off my work treadmill to listen and learn. […]

3 Ways for ACOs to leverage People and Process

CMS is excited about the success of their next generation Accountable Care Organizations, reporting savings of $18/member/month which resulted in an annual savings of $62 million dollars. Next generation ACOs are taking 80% to 100% downside risk, so these organizations are extremely motivated to generate savings. Seema Verma is encouraging shared savings ACOs to move […]

3 Ways to Help Families Make Medical Moves

I regularly share stories and worries with friends who have aging parents and in-laws. I know that I am not alone in wishing our health care delivery system was better connected. Being a physician and administrator, I have been on multiple sides of this equation. As Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist, I contributed to comprehensive […]